WaxWand - Wax Elimination Otoscope

 Get A Full View Of All The Earwax Clogging Your Ear Canals

Get a full view of all the gunk trapped in your ear canals with the help of the WaxWand. Equipped with an HD camera, the WaxWand lets you see into your ears so that you get every bit of wax out with ease.

Plus, it comes with angled spoons that scoop out large amounts of earwax in one go. To make things better, the WaxWand allows for wifi connectivity so that you can watch the video through your phone.

Key Benefits

Effortless Ear Cleaning - Thanks to its high-tech design, the WaxWand makes cleaning your ears so much more convenient and effective. It gives you a full view of your ear canals so that you can clean your ears out with ease.

HD Video - This WaxWand gives you a clear view of every corner of your ear canal. This way, you can see every bit of wax and remove them with the spoon attachment.

Multiple Accessories - Our premium WaxWand comes with multiple spoons that fit all of your ear cleaning needs. Each tip is made with gentle yet sturdy material that prevents discomfort but ensures easy cleaning.

Rechargeable Battery - There's no need to worry about handling wires when using the WaxWand. This amazing contraption can be charged up and ready to use for hours.