SleepWave - Electric Sleeping Aid

Doze Off Into A Full And Satisfying Sleep Each Time
Relieve stress and tension from your scalp by powering up the SleepWave. With its gentle and frequent pulses, this head massager eases you into deep relaxation and a better sleep.

This handy massager is perfect for people who suffer from insomnia or high stress environments. Plus, the SleepWave is lightweight and compact, making it easy to wear on your head each night.

Key Benefits

Better Sleep - Various external factors can affect your stress and you can sometimes bring its effects to the bedroom. The SleepWave helps you ease away stress and discomfort, aiding you into a deep sleep.

Gentle Pulses - This head massager sends low frequency pulses throughout your head, giving you a painless way to deal with restlessness. It adopts the principles of acupuncture but in a non-invasive form.

Wireless Design - There's no need to deal with annoying wires when wearing the SleepWave. Its sleek and wireless design makes it effortless to wear even when you toss and turn.

Multiple Modes - Equipped with multiple modes, the SleepWave allows you to customize your experience. This way, you can set it at a frequency that's perfect for your body's needs.