Baby Protect Backpack

The protector every toddler needs
Before your kids learn to walk they’ll fall a lot. The head bumps are inevitable but that doesn’t mean they have to hurt, Backnap can make sure your toddler’s landings are always on something soft!

Once you strap it, you can give yourself peace of mind knowing your child’s back and head will stay safe from ouchies while they play around and explore the world on two or four feet!

In Backnap you’ll find a comfy couch, a safety cushion and an adorable little friend your toddler can easily carry around with them everywhere they go to stay protected and ready for a nap at all times!

Why Backnap is for you
Stop the ouchies- One bad fall can lead to a lot of pain, Backnap makes sure your toddler’s head and back will never get hurt from falling!

Travel with a friend- When it’s not keeping your baby safe, Backnap is an adorable little companion that can follow you anywhere you go!

Sleep on a cloud- If the crib is too far away to get to, your toddler will find an equally comfy place to rest their heads and backs on!

Backnap is the ultimate choice- Give yourself some peace of mind knowing your toddler will never hurt themselves when left alone!